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Our HID Conversion kit’s key features


–       Utilized a strategic internal circuit layout together with a usage of high quality internal components for extended lifetime and low defective rate.

–       Integrated with the most up-to-date digital / AC power ballast technology, in order to ensure the longest possible lifetime of the bulbs and ballasts.

–       Comes with high quality connectors for proper wire connection to prevent build up of rust over time. (Plug and pay setup)

–       Ballast is constructed with heavy-duty grade silicone to ensure proper protection from external factors such as heat, water and shock.


Pricing and options


–       Each standard 35W HID Conversion Kit includes: 2 HID bulbs, 2 ballasts, mounting hardware and 1 year IN-HOUSE warranty.

–       Most color available in stock or available within 3 business days.

–       We offer special price for HID and LED conversion package. Please pm or e-mail for more info.


Color (K) Price ($) Available bulb types
3,000 $110 H4, 9003, 9006H11, H8, H7
4,300-30,000 $100 H4, 9003, 9006H11, H8, H7
Other custom colors available PM for pricing PM for other bulb types

–       Relay harness adds $10.

Individual replacement components also available, PM for pricing